Advertising fit for the future. 100% biodegradable pin & clip button.

The ORGANIC-BUTTON is a wood-fiber and cornstarch-based biodegradable button that can decompose within eight weeks — while still being as sturdy and stylish as standard metal pin back buttons.

Backed by over 30 years of button making expertise

ORGANIC-BUTTON  was founded in Austria by Managing Director Hannes Schmitz in 2006, who has been involved in the production and marketing of buttons for over 30 years. 

Throughout the years, his company buttons4you became the largest metal button manufacturer in Austria. From very early on, the company’s strategy was very much in line with creating a sustainable supply chain and reducing its environmental impact. This is how the idea of the ORGANIC-BUTTON naturally came about.

“We believe that environmental protection happens through actions — not words.”

This is how our company is contributing to a more sustainable future:

  • ORGANIC-BUTTON runs on 100% green energy.
  • We heat with BIOMASS only, which has saved 49 tons of CO2 since 2008.
  • Our company received a KLIMABÜNDNIS award in 1998.
  • We have also had the honor of receiving the 2007, 2010, and 2013 ÖKO-BONUS.
  • ORGANIC-BUTTON was nominated for the City of Vienna Environmental Award in 2011.

Patent-protected & years in the making.

We spent many years researching and testing the ORGANIC-BUTTON until we found a material and production method that could keep up with conventional metal pin back buttons. 

Our collaboration with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Research Institute in Vienna enabled us to test many variants and finally end up with the best result.

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