• Set of 6 (3 with clip, 3 with pin)
  • 100% biodegradable in 8 weeks (pin must be removed)
  • Wood fibers used are supplied certified sustainable forestry
  • Made with green energy from start to finish
  • Made in U.S.A.


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Get a free sample of our ORGANIC-BUTTON and convince yourself of its quality & style.
The 56 mm ORGANIC-BUTTON is a fantastic product for any promotional material manufacturer or corporation wanting to make a conscious decision.

Based on wood fiber and cornstarch, the button looks a lot like conventional metal ones yet are about half the weight. The surface is smooth to the touch, looks a lot like wood at the back, and is best suited for printing your design or message.

ORGANIC-BUTTONS make Corporate Social Responsibility simple:

  • 100% biodegradable in 8 weeks (pin must be removed)
  • Wood fibers used are supplied certified sustainable forestry
  • Made with green energy from start to finish
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Set of 6 (3 with clip, 3 with pin)

The ORGANIC-BUTTON is manufactured using specific injection molding technology and is available as a clip-on or pin.

A button that gets people’s attention and conveys a message of impact.

Protects our environment: 100% biodegradable, recyclable and CO2 neutral.

A sustainable product is an investment in the future. Replacing conventional tinplate buttons with ORGANIC-BUTTON not only conserves limited raw material resources but also reduces rubbish mountains. The supply of renewable raw materials is 100% regionally possible. By shortening transport routes, thousands of tons of CO2 can be saved. The exact amount of carbon dioxide released during rotting was absorbed from the air when the raw materials were growing. The ORGANIC-BUTTON, therefore, does not increase CO2 and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Strengthens your corporate image: sustainability at a fair price

Like many responsible companies, we are concerned with long-term success. Not only in the production of buttons but also in customer relations. That’s why the ORGANIC-BUTTON is high-quality, functional, and clearly signals our customers’ corporate social responsibility and green image.

Made in U.S.A.: Exclusively regional, sustainable raw materials

The ORGANIC-BUTTON is made exclusively from renewable, regional materials. The wood fibers used come from certified, sustainable forest management and give the ORGANIC-BUTTON a pleasant, high-quality feel. This underlines your appreciation of the customer.

If the buttons are collected again after an event and returned to us, they can be fully recycled: both the bottoms and the tops are reincorporated 100% into the production process.

The ORGANIC-BUTTON is 100% biodegradable and can decompose within 8-10 weeks in a certified composting plant without leaving any residues or toxic by-products. It simply decomposes back into its basic components of carbon dioxide and water. Foil, paper, and printing ink are all decomposed.

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